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A few years ago, orange began to strongly resonate with me.  Happily, it has become the signature color for Annie Lewis Event Planning.

Professionally, I have been an event planner for over 20 years.  Upon delving into the meaning of orange for business, I came across the following:  “Physiologically, orange vitalizes, inspires and creates enthusiasm.”  When planning events, we encourage those qualities.  Why else would we bring groups of people together if not to energize them around ideas?

Successful events are all about the execution of the details.  As I worked on my logo with my friend and designer Tammy Rojas of Red Hot marketing and design, I wanted it to both represent my personality and my process.  When we landed on the starburst everything clicked.  Not only do I value the clean, atomic aesthetic, I love that it illustrates the many elements that converge in one time and space for a memorable event.

When done properly, the craft of planning is seamless and invisible.  A great deal goes into an event and ideally it involves purpose, communication and targeted outcomes.  Your events may launch a brand, award deserving recipients, celebrate clients and employees, create awareness for an issue, raise funds for an organization, educate, inspire and touch our hearts.    For the host, an event begins the moment it is conceived.  Then there are many steps between that, inviting the first guest and final execution.  These include developing the concept, creating a marketing strategy, scheduling and choosing the venue, budgeting, designing, scripting..all while considering the guest experience from the first touch to the last.   This is event planning.  This is what I love to do for my clients.  And, if I’m lucky there are numerous spreadsheets involved.  More on that another day.

When we work together I won’t make you use the color orange for your event, unless you want to.  I do promise, though, that the qualities of orange – vitality, inspiration and enthusiasm – are definitely part of the planning process as we realize successful outcomes together.

Welcome to the official launch of www.annielewiseventplanning.com! Thank you so much for visiting.  I could not have done this without Tammi Murphy at Blarney Stone Marketing and Design.  I so appreciate her patience, creativity and advice!